Everyone abandon galleon! it is not supported and they have no funding!

Finally managed to get my damn Tezzies out of that trash wallet. Their customer support is a joke and the service is always down when you need it. Save yourself the headache and go to the Tezos website to find a decent wallet that actually works.

Galleon used to be good when they had their act together and a competent team, but now it’s complete garbage and only works on a node that’s no longer supported. Don’t waste your time with that crap.


That’s not true. It is supported, and there will be some good announcements to come. Galleon is the first wallet, the longest running wallet, and it competes on security and privacy.

You’re probably having an issue that requires an update related to the Mumbai upgrade. I had an issue too and I reported it and they responded right away like they always do.

Kevin, I understand you’re a fan of Galleon, but I have to agree with the other person. From the teams’ own admissions in previous replies the Galleon’s support team is understaffed and is being supported by a skeleton crew, and they haven’t responded to user queries since March 18, 2023. It seems like they’re running on an older node, which other services don’t use. Additionally, the Tezos team doesn’t list Galleon wallet as a trusted wallet on their website.

I’ve faced numerous issues with Galleon recently whenever I try to make transactions or move delegates. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any reliable support, and it appears like the project is dying or at least it feels that way. It’s a pity since as you said, Galleon was one of the first wallets to have excellent security features. Nevertheless, at present, it’s not a platform that one can use effectively in the Tezos ecosystem.

TF is not the only source of funding. I’m telling you, it’s fine, and the quiet on that front is because there is a transition happening. There are some announcements to come, but it’s good news you will be pleased to hear.

Hi Kevin,

I’m just reaching out to inquire about any updates regarding the funding and upcoming announcements. It’s been nearly 5 months since your last response, and the user base hasn’t received any news about Galleon. Updates have failed, and people in support are still grappling with the same issues as before.

Recently, Navi from the Cryptonomic team provided instructions on migrating from Galleon, which is concerning.

The user base is in desperate need of updates on the current situation. I still have some of my Tezzies in a Galleon wallet, and it’s becoming increasingly problematic. I’ve decided to migrate elsewhere. Furthermore, since the Tezos team has completely removed Galleon from their website as a recommended wallet, it seems there’s no reason for users who once trusted Galleon to continue using it.

This project had promise, and I’m perplexed as to why it appears to have been abandoned.