Can I connect to test networks with Galleon?

Yes, to connect to a test network you will need to first add a custom node. Here are the steps:

  1. On the Galleon login page select, “Settings”

  2. Select the dropdown under, “Choose a Different Node”

  3. Select, “Add a Custom Node”

  4. Fill out the configuration for your node. You will se the following modal:

You can use any nodes you would like! To use our cloud service, Nautilus Cloud, that provides hosted blockchain (Tezos) and indexer (Conseil) nodes, please login to using Github and generate your API key. Here’s how to fill out all the fields:

Custom Node Setup for Kathmandunet [Current Test Network on September 20, 2022]

Node Name: You can enter any name in this field. It’s best to pick something that helps you remember the node. This will be saved as an entry in the dropdown next time you log into Galleon. Here’s an example of a node name: Kathmandunet testnet (

Platform: tezos

Network: kathmandunet

API Key: retrieve from

Tezos URL:
Conseil URL:

  1. Click the “Save” button and then navigate back to the login page by selecting “Back To Wallet”
  2. Load your wallet file and enter your password to continue logging in
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