Kathmandu gas exhaustion issue

As described in Error when trying to interact with NFTs · Issue #504 · Cryptonomic/T2 · GitHub, Galleon reports a gas exhaustion error with Tezos transactions after the Kathmandu upgrade last Friday, most notably with NFT activity on Objkt.com, fxhash, etc.

A provisional workaround that works for many transactions is described at https://twitter.com/galleon_wallet/status/1574799848813088768.

The root cause is that the Conseil library which Galleon uses wasn’t patched to use the new consumed_milligas field reported by Tezos nodes and still tried to use the old consumed_gas field. The issue is now fixed and a new version has been published.

This issue was missed by our team during release testing because we focused on regular sends and delegation and did not test Beacon transactions. We will make testing Beacon a regular part of release testing with future Tezos protocol upgrades.

As of the time of writing, we are still working on a new release for our users. The code changes are all ready but we still need to generate binaries for all platforms and finish testing them.

For the past few months, we have been working on a brand new codebase for the wallet as the original code has been in production for over four years. Unfortunately, the old codebase has been showing its age and has become increasingly harder to publish. We are hoping to go live with the new codebase soon so our users don’t have to wait so long for fixes in the future.

For now, we would appreciate any feedback users can give us with these executables:

A Windows build is still underway and we hope to have a file out tomorrow (Thursday).

Thanks everyone for your patience and apologies again or the disruption.

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Hi, two files for windows… which do i use? whats the difference?
Thank you!

ran the msi… it does not work.

Thanks for testing, @Bonesy.

Could you tell us the exact issue you saw? This will help @mike with the fix.

I am having the very same problem I described here 5 days ago and has been described by 5 others here… for ALL transactions the wallet shows error message : (permanent: proto.014-PtKathma.validate_operation.gas_quota_exceeded_init_deserialize), (temporary: proto.014-PtKathma.gas_exhausted.operation)
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If i increase gas to 100,000 as recommended the wallet show a started transaction page but goes no further.

btw I’m running windows 11 on this pc

As discussed on chat, @Bonesy needed to uninstall his existing Galleon installation.

However, there seems to be a separate Beacon connection issue on Windows. @mike will have a look shortly.

Did uninstall, to no avail…

But after the uninstall and install of the new version, you are having a different issue, correct? I believe your connections to objkt.com, etc are stalling now.

No. Same issues. No changes V.

Would you be up for getting on a screenshare with us once we have a known good build done?

sure, if im around… i hit this when i can…

Maybe you can post some screenshots showing us the issue?

I go to object and pick an nft.

I hit buy.

I get "request sent to Beacon wallet client " message

I get the note in my wallet, sign it with passcode, and hit “authorize”

I get this message from wallet in red:
(permanent: proto.014-PtKathma.validate_operation.gas_quota_exceeded_init_deserialize), (temporary: proto.014-PtKathma.gas_exhausted.operation)

End of story.

same for all transactions, multiple sites.

5 days

Did you:

  1. Uninstall all copies of Galleon from your computer?
  2. Install a new version using the link above?

yes i have done those things

Could you please paste a screenshot of the settings screen here?

now i see an edited post… i may have installed pre edit… i see 1.3.3 (59) and possibly recognize an old file…? will do reinstall again and try it…

Great, good luck! Please check settings again and make sure you are on the right version.

Galleon 1.3.5 (62) default setting english mainnet default path
It’s not working.
Hangs on market side message reading message sent to beacon
wallet never receives the message
have to cancel request (purchase)