PSA: Conseil & ConseilJS will now be maintained on a best effort basis for Tezos

The Tezos Foundation grant funding the development of the Conseil indexer for Tezos and the ConseilJS library for Tezos has recently expired. Since these projects cannot yet be directly monetized by Cryptonomic, we will now maintain them on a best effort basis.

Conseil and ConseilJS will no longer be actively kept up to date with the latest Tezos protocol features nor will users receive direct technical support. However, as both projects are used for ongoing Tezos initiatives at other organizations, the Tezos code might still see occasional changes and revisions based on Cryptonomic client engagements. Both code bases are fully open source and we encourage Tezos-based teams to fork them or make pull requests in the existing repos.

We thank the Tezos ecosystem for their support and use of Conseil and ConseilJS over the past five years. Both projects were crucial in the launch and progress of the Tezos platform. According to Cloudflare, in a recent week, Cryptonomic’s Conseil instance received 17.94M unique requests from around the world. According to NPM, the ConseilJS library was also downloaded 1,062 times in a recent week.

Where there are no direct replacements, Tezos alternatives to Conseil include the TzStats API, while Taquito is the notable alternative to ConseilJS.