"We're currently experiencing Network issues" error on Galleon

Experiencing this error when accessing Galleon wallet. Unable to see any up to date transaction info, balances etc

Latest version of wallet installed, No network connection issues my side

Any assistance would be much appreciated!

Same issue here for hours now…getting worried.
Is it time to look for another wallet to move to once it’s back online and we can access our tezzies?

Galleon Support team - not seeing any response from you here, experiencing the same problem, need solution ASAP.

Galleon team, you need to put a notice up on the Galleon software so anyone using/attempting to use it can be notified that it is no longer supported.

Maybe even pull it from all download locations so you don’t ruin your reputation, having available software out there that doesn’t work or is very unstable with a flakey service and support is bad business practice.