Network Issues/No Balance

I checked my manager address and my funds are there but I haven’t logged onto my wallet in a while and it says there are network issues and I can’t see my balance. I downloaded the latest version of the wallet but that didn’t fix the issue, what do I do next?

Hey Todd,

I regret to inform you that this project has essentially become inactive. Tezos has removed it as a recommended wallet from their website, and as you can probably tell, there is virtually no support left for this project. It’s a real shame because it used to be quite good.

If you review all the support requests made since the beginning of the year, you’ll notice that hardly any of them have been addressed. It’s currently being maintained by a minimal team, and even calling it a “skeleton crew” might be too generous. I don’t even have a term to describe a team smaller than a skeleton crew. At best, we might receive a server restart occasionally to keep it barely operational, but that’s about it.

hello, can you download the latest version and try again ? Galleon wallet is fixed for the time being and running.