Restored Galleon wallet but no funds!

Hello. I first installed Galleon and created a wallet in 2022. Transferred all my Tezos to the wallet. Wrote down my seed phrase. Changed computer. Now two years later I’m trying to access my balance and I’ve downloaded and installed Galleon again on my new computer. I’ve restored the wallet from seed phrase, but balance is showing as 0.00. Why? Can someone please help?

Sorry to hear, @Mercutio.

Are you comfortable with DMing me your Tezos address?

Hi, thanks for responding - sorry, how do I DM you?

Hello, apologies and never mind - I’ve solved the issue.

Serious concerns with Galleon

I set up a Galleon wallet back in 2022 and wrote down the seed phrase. Restored it on current version of Galleon in May 2024. Got the infamous “We’re currently experiencing network issues” message.

I can confirm that whatever these issues are, they prevent users from accessing their funds / NFTs.

What I did - and suggest others do as well, if you have the same issue - I copied my private / secret key for this account and restored it using Umami wallet. I was able to access my balance.

Cryptonomic, you have to sort this out. This is not acceptable.

You may have been on an older Galleon version. Could you please confirm the version you are on?

i ve been able to remove my tezos from Galleon, using their app. Didn t work on my mac anymore, and not much response here. Now in my Ledger and feels much safer

I was on the most recent Galleon version having downloaded it from App Store on my iMac just a few days ago.

Please see Galleon: Releases · Cryptonomic/Deployments Wiki · GitHub.

The latest version is not available on the App Store.