Any news on Galleon - not working, delegated tokens are stuck

Galleon node is stuck, any news on a solution fix? I am trying to undelegate in Galleon and switch wallets. Please help!

Hi, @frontell. Unfortunately, we are having issues with our nodes at the moment. The team is looking into and working on a fix. Will update once this is resolved.

Also, as long as you have all your account info, you should be able to migrate wallets with no issues. Delegation is not wallet specific so you can undelegate from any wallet you choose to use as long as they support that feature.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Hello. it make me stress a lot, to see my account blocked . As I need urgently to send some funds . Can you please solve this node issue ASAP?
Thank you in advance

This is the message I get when I open my wallet. Thank you very much in advance for your support

it seems that the issue is not solved… WHAT A RELIEF … THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE TEAM
Can you please advise how to move forward next time without encountering this kind of issue ? I would be grateful to understand the root cause so its not repeating… thanks a lot

Turned out to be a minor infrastructure issue. We restarted some Tezos nodes.

Hello Vishakh,
Seems that the issue is back again, could you please check ?
thank you so much in advance,
I need to send some XTZ asap
Best regards

I encounter this issue now >

hello. I really need to unlock some funds, please could you restart the node again ? thank you very much in advance,

Hello, sorry about the interruption. It should be good again.