I accidentally sent wXTZ to my Galleon wXTZ Vault KT address. Can anything be done to retrieve the wXTZ?

I have attached the link to the transaction: here

Thank you!

Hi, I tried to do this myself, here’s a screenshot of how far along I got. How did you send the wxtz to the vault?

I’m guessing you’re the same person who also posted on reddit about this. I replied there as well.

Response from our colleague: Reddit - Dive into anything

Hi, I appreciate the response. I sent the wXTZ from my Temple wallet to my Galleaon wXTZ vault. Yes, I am the same person from the reddit post. Thanks for trying, I understand that this is my fault and that the wXTZ are more than likely unretrievable.

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Thanks for the update, @KieranJC96. Sorry to hear about the erroneous transfer.