Network issues on Galleon wallet

Does anything also get the below screenshot with they open their wallet? It’s been like this for a while now.

Which version of the wallet are you on?

Are you still able to use the software?

Hi - I’m using version 1.3.4 (61) and yes I can still use the software. However, I can’t see any incoming transactions or send XTZ.

You are on an older version. Please visit Galleon: Releases · Cryptonomic/Deployments Wiki · GitHub and download version 1.4.2.

Seems to be working now - thank you!

Actually I still cant successfully send XTZ to another address. It just does not appear in the blockchain.

You mean you get a warning message about the destination address?

It might just be because the destination address has never been used before. If it is an exchange deposit address, you can double check the address on the exchange website and send your funds.

When I try to send it just does not process the operation even though the wallet tells me it went through. See screenshots.

Are you using a low, high or medium fee?

If low or medium, please try a high fee.

Using a high fee it worked thank you!

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That’s great to hear! :+1: