I don't have my wallet file or password, can I still access my account?

You can always recover your account to create a new wallet file and password as long as you have your seed phrase or private key. Here are the steps to recover from a backup:

  1. Select “Create New Account” on the Galleon landing page

  2. You will be prompted to create a new password to encrypt the wallet file

  3. Then you will be prompted to name the wallet file and choose the location you would like to save it.

  4. After this, you will be on a page called “Add an Account” and you can select the “Restore from Backup Tab” on the right where you can enter your seed phrase or private key.

  5. If you have encrypted this seed phrase with a password you can toggle on that option. (note that this is different from the password used to encrypt a wallet file)

As a reminder, never share your seed phrase or private keys with anyone.

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Hi, can you help me? I had done two Different Account with Galleon; it was connect with my Ledger; I created an Account in Quiposwap, deposit my Tezos, first with one Adress, and then with other Adress, because with the first I had trouble; but yet I can enter in my Account, with Galleon, and also with Quiposwap only with the second Adress; I can’t see anything for my Tezos into my first Adress; what can I do? I lost my Tezos? Can you help me? Thank you.