Tezbox wallet seed phrase results wrong account

I tried to recover my ancient Tezbox account using Galleon.
I used my seed phrase (which is correctly written down) but it recovered an account with wrong tz1-address and 0 balance (and no history).

I used derivation path m/44’/1729’/0’/0’

Any advice how could I try to recover my old account correctly?

Replying to myself just in case someone else would have a similar issue.

I was able to import my account to using private key - not the seed phrase.

To get the private key I used old Tezbox wallet code and run in using local web server.

Detailed steps:

  1. took the Tezbox web wallet code from Github: GitHub - tezbox/web-wallet
  2. installed local dev web server (local-web-server - npm)
  3. run the local web server
  4. opened localhost:8000 using my browser
  5. used the local Tezbox web wallet to recover my account using the seed phrase
  6. edit RCP address to working one (I used https://mainnet.api.tez.ie/)
  7. exported my account private key
  8. opened Galleon
  9. imported my account to Galleon using the private key
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Nice. Thanks for posting your steps.