Wallet not working/ Plenty Network

I’ve been having issues for a couple of months now, and also reached out at the Plenty discord.

ATM, my wallet isn’t even connecting to the Plenty website, so I can’t copy paste the error I kept receiving when attempting to harvest plenty. I wanted to participate in the new testnet, but could not because I couldn’t access anything.

The XTZ I have baking still pays out like clockwork every two or so days, and I haven’t attempted to transfer any XTZ to see if there are issues there as well. Currently, my main concern is accessing the plenty network, so I can harvest what I staked, then unstake and participate in the new testnet.

So, to sum it up:

  1. Right now, wallet isn’t even connecting.
  2. Before, I was not able to harvest, with this error msg:
    (permanent: proto.014-PtKathma.validate_operation.gas_quota_exceeded_init_deserialize), (temporary: proto.014-PtKathma.gas_exhausted.operation)

Ok, thank you!

btw, I was able to locate the error msg from a previous attempt for support.

Hello, do you know which testnet the wallet needs to connect to?