Wallet not working

how is it possible that it is only us here broken and looking for help?

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maybe we are the only 2 who still use Galleon, the others have all migrated to other wallets …

Is the wallet dead or just the node??? Help! anyone here??? Advice please… how to connect??

Same issue here - maybe there was a tezos upgrade? The team has been responsive and I’m sure they’ll be looking into it soon. P.s. the decommissioned nautilus cloud shouldn’t have any impact, as Galleon has been working just fine since 1/15.

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thanks… so i have the nautilus cloud to connect to and it won’t… i have one other option, Ateza, which will also not connect… cannot connect to a node… what am I missing??
but thanks, I’m trying not to panic…

so where’s the support??? Is there still galleon wallet??

Frens… I spent some time migrating to Temple Wallet, Galleon is past tense.

It’s a piece of cake.

Download and Open Temple Wallet and create a new wallet. (I’m on a pc + chrome)

Click on the robot in the upper right corner, then import your account, using the secret key…
you can get key in Galleon by clicking on the key next to Manager Address, then sign again for the secret key.

Works like a dream! Your tez address won’t change… cheers!


Thanks - So, all assets can be transferred to the new wallet?

Hi, I did that too, but I cannot see my delegated tokens in the Temple wallet. The rest is working. Any advice please.

donno… i only can say my coin and nft’s are good… you’re headed for Temple support, best of luck ser

Hello everyone, Galleon is being run on a best effort basis these days.

One of our Tezos nodes had issues but has now been fixed. This should resolve your issues.

Let us know if you still have any problems.

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Hi there! Works great now - thanks for all you do.

Brilliant! Great to hear!

Did you find a solution to see delegated tokens in Temple wallet? Thank you